What We Do: Our Exams

    What We Do: Our Exams

Our main goal at GTS is to recreate academic and cognitive situations in which graduate and undergraduate students can be assessed for English and foreign language aptitude along with cultural competencies in discipline-specific real-life settings and conditions.

The English and foreign language exams outlined on the main page of the GTS portal (https://www.gtesting.org) are for the most part developed with no specific academic or professional area in mind and are directed to a generic public. In contrast, GTS exams are discipline-specific tests based on scholarly books, specialized white papers, and articles from the academic or professional discipline or area to be assessed. GTS exams aim to reproduce as faithfully as possible an academic-cognitive situation that graduate and undergraduate students will face in their academic programs: the need to read effectively and to understand specialized texts in a foreign language (usually English) regarding relevant topics and subjects from their academic or professional areas of interest. We do this within a controlled testing environment, which we can closely monitor and assess quantitatively. This way, GTS is able to provide graduate and undergraduate program coordinators and admissions directors with more actionable information than a generic test of English like TOEFL or IELTS could provide. With this data in hand, program coordinators and admissions directors will have access to an empirical and reliable assessment instrument that will enable them to predict more accurately which candidates are most likely to succeed in the program and who can master the international scientific literature in their area without major problems.

To the extent possible, we do our best to work with program coordinators and admissions directors in the choice of texts to be used in our exams so that these tests can faithfully reflect the real academic and professional needs of their respective disciplines. More specifically, we welcome any suggestions on possible texts (from books, academic journals, or specialized white papers) to be used in our exams. These recommendations are added to the other texts previously identified by GTS management, and our board determines which texts will eventually be used in future exams. These materials are used only once for any GTS exam and the tests are posted online to help future test takers as they prepare to take our exams.

With regard to recommended texts for our exams, we request that they be, on the one hand, sufficiently specialized within their respective areas of academic concentration, but, on the other hand, equally accessible for the English and foreign language professional in charge of preparing the test. With few exceptions (such as with the specialized language of Physics or Mathematics, which is often understandable only to professionals in these fields), we will be able to work with the vast majority of articles and specialized texts and it will be our pleasure to analyze and discuss possible texts with the program coordinators or admissions directors. After all, our raison d’ętre is to serve them and their students as best we can. As such, we welcome their feedback, recommendations, and guidance so we can continuously make improvements to our operation and to the services we provide.

Incentives and Benefits for Institutions to Use GTS Exams

GTS has worked with more than 30 graduate and undergraduate programs at colleges and universities throughout the world. We have produced, administered, and scored countless discipline-specific entrance and exit exams in English and foreign languages to assist these institutions with their admissions and graduation processes. Working with GTS, these programs have obtained excellent results by sistematizing and streamlining their selection and assessment procedures with regard to the measurement of English and foreign language skills and cultural competencies. As part of the feedback that we regularly request and receive from our cllients regarding the various aspects of our operation — in order to better meet the needs of the program coordinators and admissions directors we work with — we know that the following factors are among some of the leading reasons that have prompted these institutions to choose GTS as a partner:

  1. All GTS exams are prepared by accomplished English and foreign language professionals from U.S. universities.
  2. These professionals have many years of experience and training in the field of exams and assessment.
  3. They also have ample experience working with examination centers such as CESPE (Brazil) and ETS (U.S.).
  4. The examiners in charge of producing GTS exams are university professors who hold the Doctorate or Ph.D.
  5. Many of our examiners also have training in other areas (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medicine, etc.).
  6. At GTS, our main goal is to meet as best we can the needs and expectations of the programs we work with.
  7. This involves prompt, responsive teamwork with program coordinators & admissions directors worldwide.
  8. The price of specific GTS exams (US $90.00) is well below the fees charged by TOEFL or IELTS (US $200.00).
  9. All of us at GTS are committed to the success of the graduate and undergraduate programs we work with and the competitive ranking of these programs in their respective countries and internationally.
  10. All GTS tests are discipline-specific exams based on books, academic journals, or specialized white papers from the disciplines being examined so as to reproduce the real-life conditions of a regular program of study. This applies especially to the expectation of graduate and undergraduate students to be able to read and understand the research literature of their respective disciplines in a foreign language, usually English.